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Ruby, Blue and Blanket (and the Naughty Cats)

I thought it might be fun to do a book with completely new characters as a change all the Old Bear toys. So, from scraps of material, I made Ruby the little mouse, Blue Rabbit and Blanket the horse.

There are now two books about these three characters and they are both written in verse to make them fun to read.

Ruby the little mouse always wears a knitted red jumper. She is adventurous and playful with lots of ideas for new games.

Blue Rabbit is a lively character who loves parties and adventures with Ruby. His bright yellow shirt and blue spotty trousers make him a colourful addition to any page.

Quiz Corner

What do Ruby, Blue and Blanket do to get the Naughty Cats to behave?

They invite them to a party.

Fun Fact

Ruby’s favourite game is playing dressing up. In just one book she dresses up as a witch, a mermaid, a pirate, a cowboy, a spaceman, a fairy and a ghost.

Blanket the horse makes sure everyone is safe and happy. He has some very useful advice for the other toys but he joins in all the fun too.

The group of five Naughty Cats cause a lot of trouble for Ruby, Blue and Blanket but Blanket knows how to get them to behave themselves.