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I think Rabbit has appeared in all my books and was one of the original group of characters.

He is bouncy, energetic, impetuous and fun. There’s nothing Rabbit likes more than jumping but when jumping isn’t high enough he can fly the little wooden plane (usually on rescue missions).

Rabbit is fearless and often rushes into things without thinking although this sometimes gets him into tricky situations. However he usually manages to get out of them again with a bit of help from his friends.

I like the way Rabbit’s ears help to give him a feeling of speed when he’s running, of bounce when he is jumping and of surprise when he is startled.

Quiz Corner

What did Rabbit use as a skiing hat when he was skiing down the bannisters?

Little Bear’s trousers!

Fun Fact

I first saw Rabbit in the window of a charity shop many years ago. I bought him for 5p because I thought he would be nice to draw and I sometimes wonder how many times I have drawn him since then.