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Little Bear

Little Bear is happy, brave and energetic and often gets into trouble without meaning to. Apart from the blue-striped pyjamas that he wears for bed, he is almost always seen in his baggy, red trousers. He appears in all the ‘Old Bear’ books and they just would not be the same without him.

Small enough to ride on the back of the larger toys like Hoot and Camel, he loves to lead the way into adventures but also needs Old Bear, Bramwell Brown or Hoot around, just in case! 

Little Bear quite likes being small but he doesn’t like to be thought of as a baby, even when it is part of a game.

He rushes about so much he is often hungry, so any suggestion of a picnic or party, or even just a bowl of porridge, will get his attention.

Fun Fact

Little Bear was given to my children by my grandmother. She found him in the wooden box where she kept her knitting needles and balls of wool and she had no idea how he came to be there. Perhaps that should be another story!


Quiz Corner

Where did the other toys eventually find Little Bear in the book ‘Little Bear Lost’.

In a little picnic basket that had been full of food!