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Wearing her starry apron (with a useful pocket to keep things in) Hoot, the owl, is the only one of the toys who can fly. She is sensible, kind and motherly and likes to look after the ‘younger’ characters. 

Hoot sleeps all day in her nest on top of the wardrobe (unless someone needs to be rescued, when she leaps into action). At night however, when everyone else is asleep, Hoot is awake and busy. No-one is really sure what she does, but if anything is missing in the morning it may be because Hoot has tidied it away in the night!

Hoot was made from the sleeve of an old coat that I was about to throw away. I sewed it across the top and stuffed it. Then I then stitched up the other end and added her beak and buttons for eyes. Hoot’s wings, toes and tail were all made from the coat material with her starry apron being the finishing touch.

Quiz Corner

What midnight feast was Hoot carrying in her pocket in the book, ‘Hoot’?

Crackers and cheese.

Fun Fact

While making the TV series of ‘Old Bear Stories,’ models of all my toys were made and for Hoot they used the other sleeve of the old coat!