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Elsie the little Elephant is the newest character to join the group of toys. She is very good at doing almost everything but sometimes she is a little too enthusiastic when tying bows or blowing up balloons, and doesn’t know when to stop. The other toys have a job keeping up with her.

Elsie’s trunk means that she can do things that the others can’t, such as using a knife, fork and spoon all at once and blowing the most amazing bubbles!

As Elsie is the same size as Little Bear she can join in all his games but he doesn’t always need her help.

Elsie was given to me years ago and she has been waiting patiently for her chance to appear in a book. Now she is the star of my latest book; ‘Happy Birthday Old Bear’ so I have been able to draw her lots and lots of times.

Fun Fact

I was about to draw Elsie one day and I couldn’t find her. I looked everywhere and eventually found that our kitten had taken her and hidden her under the sofa. Luckily she was all in one piece.


Quiz Corner

What present does Elsie give to Old Bear in the book ‘Happy Birthday Old Bear’?

A little umbrella she has painted herself.